Monster Slayer Roadmap 2021
Roadmap for 2021 focuses on growing the Monter Slayer ecosystem, and this includes more use cases for MSC, MSS tokens. It is more of a guideline list than an exact step-to-step plan. We will strive for these goals within the year 2021.
*Contents are subjected to changes without prior notices*
Operational Phase 1
    Complete the launch and successfully initiated the bank.
    Archives the stable running of an algorithmic stablecoin.
    Gather enough attention and growth.
    Listing MSS on exchanges.
    Is being audited by the top auditors and will be announced once done.
    Build up a lively community supporting the project.
    CZ notice me senpai.
Operational Phase 2
    Game announcement alpha stage.
    Test run the game with the community's participation.
    Beta stage game test run.
    Official game/app release.
    Building a sidechain/mainet for the game.
Game's roadmap
2021/Q3: Monster Slayer - Alpha test run, log in through user's wallet. Open marketplace using MSC & BUSD.
2021/Q4: NFT system online for a trial.
2022/Q1: Demo Monster Slayer on mobile. ‌
2022/Q2: Release Battle Game. Item system and Rare gears.
2022/Q3: Open Dungeon mode. Players can earn various rewards for going into and clearing them.
2022/Q4: Testnet trial run. ‌Migrate items and gears to Testnet. Migrate Monster Slayer to running entirely on Testnet. ‌
2023/Q1: Trial new version of Monster Slayer Battle system. ‌
2023/Q2: Mainnet.
2023/Q3: New Character (?).
*Contents are subjected to change without prior notices*
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