Monster Slayer Roadmap 2021

Roadmap for 2021 focuses on growing the Monter Slayer ecosystem, and this includes more use cases for MSC, MSS tokens. It is more of a guideline list than an exact step-to-step plan. We will strive for these goals within the year 2021.

*Contents are subjected to changes without prior notices*

Operational Phase 1

  • Complete the launch and successfully initiated the bank.

  • Archives the stable running of an algorithmic stablecoin.

  • Gather enough attention and growth.

  • Listing MSS on exchanges.

  • Is being audited by the top auditors and will be announced once done.

  • Build up a lively community supporting the project.

  • CZ notice me senpai.

Operational Phase 2

  • Game announcement alpha stage.

  • Test run the game with the community's participation.

  • Beta stage game test run.

  • Official game/app release.

  • Building a sidechain/mainet for the game.

Game's roadmap

2021/Q3: Monster Slayer - Alpha test run, log in through user's wallet. Open marketplace using MSC & BUSD.

2021/Q4: NFT system online for a trial.

2022/Q1: Demo Monster Slayer on mobile. ‌

2022/Q2: Release Battle Game. Item system and Rare gears.

2022/Q3: Open Dungeon mode. Players can earn various rewards for going into and clearing them.

2022/Q4: Testnet trial run. ‌Migrate items and gears to Testnet. Migrate Monster Slayer to running entirely on Testnet. ‌

2023/Q1: Trial new version of Monster Slayer Battle system. ‌

2023/Q2: Mainnet.

2023/Q3: New Character (?).

*Contents are subjected to change without prior notices*