Stabilisation Mechanism
To Achieve Peg


  • (Boardroom) Epoch duration: 12 hours – the protocol reacts faster to stabilize MSC price to peg as compared to other protocols with longer epoch durations.
  • Epoch Expansion: 7% during the first week since the boardroom open, 5% each epoch for the later 3 weeks, after that it is 3% each epoch. Later can be voted to change.
  • Expansion will start if the TWAP price is above 1,01$. Contraction start if the TWAP price is below 0,99$
  • MSB tokens do not expire and this greatly reduces the risk for bond buyers.
  • Price feed oracle for TWAP is based on the MSC/BUSD liquidity pool pairs.
  • The protocol keeps a minimum of 50% of the expanded MSC supply for MSS boardroom with each epoch expansion, 30% toward stable fund and the rest are sent to the treasury for MSB holders to participate in bond redemption.
  • No discount for bond purchase, but premium bonus for bond redemptions if users were to wait for MSC to increase even more than the 1 $BUSD peg.
Minted MSC distribution during expansion

Stabilisation Mechanism

With every expansion, a certain amount of freshly minted MSC will be sent to the Stable Fund. These MSC will be sold for BUSD or BNB which will be later used under hyper supervision to assist the balance of MSC price around 1$ through various means and strategies, including but not limited to: new pool reward, collaborations, releasing new products, etc...